SoftPOINT Services
A softpoint service is a point-to-point international private leased line for the exclusive use of an organization to communicate between its offices that are spread across the world. IPLC acts as the lifeline for business applications in global enterprise networking and building virtual organizations.
IPLCs are digital circuits available for international data transmission, communication, and so on. They are secure and are ideal for companies that have high volume of International data transmission. IPLCs provide efficient, reliable and secure point-to-point connection to business partners round the clock, anywhere in the world.
   SoftPOINT Features  
  1. Highest security and reliability of Data-communication
  2. Bandwidths can be served starting from 64 kbps to any range
  3. Consistent round-trip delay, Symmetric bandwidth
  4. Few typical applications that deserve this media are bulk data transfer, medical transcription, BPO and Call Center Applications, etc
  5. Efficient and reliable point to point connection
  6. STPI is offering the above services on both Satellite and Fiber medium