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Mission. . .




The Gateway of North East India to the IT World
  • To establish and manage the  infrastructural resources such as datacom, core computer facilities, built-up space, common amenities, etc.

  • To  provide  services  (import  certification, software valuation, project approvals, etc.) to the users who undertake software development for export purposes.

  • To promote  development and export of  software  and  software services through technology  assessments,  market  analysis, market  segmentation, marketing support, etc.

  • To train professionals and  encourage design and  development in  the  field  of software technology and software engineering.

  • Act  as a front-end  to the  software  industry for the  Government  policies  and approvals.

  • Perform various functions like issuance of import certificate, software valuation, attestation of declaration etc., for the member units as a single point interface.


The Infrastructure

STPI, Guwahati maintains an International Gateway via an IBS Earth Station located at Borjhar, Guwahati. The existing capacity of the Earth Station is 6 Mbps which could be upgraded as per requirement of the users in the North Eastern States. In addition to the earth station at Borjhar, STPI is also maintaining a Hub Centre at the Institution of Engineers (India) Building at Panbazar locality.

The facility at STPI Guwahati is capable of providing Internet as well as IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) services. Software exporters, IT Entrepreneurs, Internet Users may avail the services from both the Earth station and the Hub Centre through Radio connectivity or BSNL leased circuits in different configurations as per requirements.

At the Earth Station complex in Borjhar, STPI maintains built-up space to be used by IT entrepreneurs for their business development. While in the Hub centre at Panbazar, STPI maintains an Incubation facility providing ready to use cubicles with Computer system, furniture, uninterrupted power supply, air-conditioning and Internet connectivity in each cubicle. The facilities provided by STPI Guwahati are best suited for Software exporters, however could be used by other users as well.